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                    IT Specialist
                    IT   Specialist 1. Daily   maintenance of computer hardware, including installation and maintenance of   computer and other peripherals;
                        2. Daily maintenance of the company's network and telephone;
                        3. Management of access control system, opening and maintenance of access   control rights;
                        4. Daily use of teleconference, network printer and desktop software;
                        5. Deal with daily problems of computer, including domain user account and   password, hardware failure, software failure, email, network, etc.
                        6. IT asset inventory, change, management and other related statistical   work;
                        7. Categorize common problems, summarize and make corresponding   documents;
                        8. Otherwork assigned by superior.
                    1, computer   related major, with good ability to find and deal with problems;
                        2. Familiar with Windows operating system, Office and other commonly used   Office software, and have a certain understanding of Windows Service;
                        3.Be good at computer system hardware, software, network and related   equipment problem solving ;
                        4. Have basic knowledge of network, and be able to analyze and judge LAN   faults;
                        5. Good sense of service, confidentiality, learning, communication and   teamwork;
                        6. 4. Any ad-hoc tasks assigned by senior management;
                        7. Talented fresh graduates are also welcomed.

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                    EHS Specialist
                    EHS   Specialist1. Establish   and improve the company's production safety management system, compile and   manage production safety documents;
                        2. Conduct safety supervision, inspection and guidance on production and   installation sites, and make safety inspection records;
                        3. Responsible for the preparation of production safety plan;
                        4. Responsible for the management of the company's safety technical   equipment, fire-fighting equipment, protection and first-aid equipment;
                        5. Organize safety inspection, safety education, safety training,   participate in the investigation and treatment of various accidents of the   company, statistical analysis, and report on time;
                        6. Handle general security accidents.
                    1.More than 2   years of hazardous chemical safety management experience, safety officer   qualification certificate is preferred;
                        2. Familiar with national safety laws and regulations, familiar with the   production site safety work process, safety operation norms and safety   management procedures, able to timely find safety hidden dangers and give   corrections;
                        3. Familiar with production process, safety protection, fire protection,   temporary power and other related safety regulations, standards and daily   safety management;
                        4. High sense of responsibility, good coordination, organization and   communication skills.

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                    HR Specialist
                    HR   Specialist1. Responsible   for human resources recruitment resume screening and interview;
                        2. Responsible for interview arrangement, entry and exit procedures and   other related work;
                        3. Responsible for the establishment and management of company personnel   files;
                        4. Arrange, file and follow up training materials;
                        5. Sorting out attendance data;
                        6. Welfare distribution.
                    1. College   degree or above;
                        2. Proficient in Word and Excel office software;
                        3. More than 2 years related working experience is preferred.

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                    Equipment engineer (supervisor level)
                    Equipment   engineer (supervisor level)1. Assiste the   manager of the Engineering Equipment Department to carry out equipment   maintenance and file management, mainly responsible for the management of   equipment files, measurement, ledger and verification; Spare parts planning   management; System equipment maintenance management; Daily management of   equipment engineering department;
                        2. Responsible for drafting and formulating equipment maintenance   management system and maintenance plan;
                        3. Responsible for the preparation of the company's equipment and   facilities vulnerable parts, spare parts plan, and implementation of tracking   management;
                        4. Responsible for reviewing the annual plan and report of measurement and   calibration;
                        5. Responsible for organizing and carrying out the daily maintenance and   overhaul of equipment.
                    1. Education:   College degree or above;
                        2. Major: Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical Automation,   Engineering Management, etc.;
                        3. Work experience: more than 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical   and medical industry, more than 5 years working experience in equipment   management;
                        4. Professional qualification: have received relevant training of GMP, TPM,   EHS, electrical and mechanical maintenance;
                        5. Professional skills: understand the operation and maintenance methods of   pharmaceutical facilities and equipment, be familiar with GMP system   management of pharmaceutical factories, be skilled in using office software,   master instrument measurement and equipment and facility ledger   management;
                        6. Familiar with performance maintenance, SOP, URS and IOQ verification of   pharmaceutical production equipment;
                        7. Organized and implemented workshop maintenance plan.
                        8. Strong ability to organize, coordinate and communicate, analyze and deal   with problems, and good language skills.

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                    Warehouse Keeper
                    Warehouse   Keeper1. Responsible   for the daily management of the warehouse;
                        2. Formulate and manage the process of receiving, sending and counting of   warehouse materials;
                        3. First-in, first-out management of materials;
                        4. Material accounting records.
                    1. Warehouse   keeper working experience in pharmaceutical company is preferred;
                        2. Understand basic computer operation;
                        3. Work carefully and conscientiously, have strong principle.

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                    BD Senior Specialist
                    BD   Senior Specialist1. Assist the   manager to collect market information actively and accurately, conduct market   research, understand and master the development status of domestic and   foreign tumor targeted drugs and market development trends, and provide   suggestions for the company's project approval;
                        2. Assist the department manager in sorting out the target needs of the   company's new drug research and development, looking for antibody discovery   partners, and participating in the establishment of new projects;
                        3. Assist the department manager to contact, select and negotiate with   foreign R&D cooperation institutions, promote the selection of the   company's foreign cooperation projects, plan business cooperation plans, and   coordinate the resources of all parties to promote the agreement;
                        4. Participate in the negotiation of large transactions such as company IP   and drug authorization and transfer;
                        5. Responsible for the drafting, communication and signing of various   business documents, such as strategic cooperation agreement, business   cooperation contract, project report, etc.
                    1. Bachelor   degree or above, majored in medicine, chemistry, biology, etc.;
                        2.  Familiar with the development of   the pharmaceutical industry, have an understanding of drug research and   development (each research stage and content), production and other   links;
                        3, strong communication skills and language skills, excellent interpersonal   skills, initiative, pioneering ability;
                        4. English can be used as the working language.

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